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Online shopping has been consistently growing at a rapid pace. In 2015, online retailers saw a 12.7% increase in sales[1]. With this much growth, is your online shop front flourishing as it should be? Or are you being outperformed by your eCommerce competitors?
We can enhance your online performance and help your business keep an edge in an evolving and competitive space. From minor structural tweaks to a new system overhaul, we want to make sure your eCommerce experience is an accessible one and runs like clockwork from the ground up.

How Can We Help You?  

At 12Three, we are an integrated digital agency committed to creating eCommerce websites with excellent performance and usability. Streamlining your online business with responsive and flawlessly functional design. We offer the skill and vision to take your website and business to the next level over the long-term. Our team of skilled web developers, designers and account managers can provide top-notch service to help diverse online businesses sell better online. Ready to learn more about how we develop and build eCommerce websites with real potential?

[1] Information sourced from ONS

We support intuitive back-end design, and believe in accommodating a user-friendly interface for all our clients. It’s crucial for you to understand your system inside out, so you can make full use of your website to its very best potential. 12Three strives for simple and intuitive admin panels to give you full control: Managing orders, keeping track of inventory, monitoring online traffic, updating and uploading new products, promoting special offers, the list goes on. If you ever need any additional support, we’re only a phone call away.

Clever Catalogue Management

If you’re selling to other businesses and to individual customers who have different price points, our smart catalogue system gives you the power to sell your way to an unlimited range of customer groups.

Order Fulfilment Without the Headache

Offering a streamlined system to your order fulfillment will not only increase the efficiency to your eCommerce business, but also improve the customer experience and satisfaction. Flexibility without complexity is what we strive for. We aim to align your products and services to your needs. For every product or service your online shop front offers, we make it possible to set up intricate catalogue management, ship anywhere, tax and invoice however you like. Whatever you need your eCommerce system to do, we can make it happen – all in an accessible and user-friendly manner.
From keeping your customers in the loop with customised order statuses and transaction emails, to viewing, editing, creating and fulfilling orders directly from your admin panel– our experienced eCommerce developers will make it streamlined and simple.

Intuitive Back-End Design

ecommerce web design

More Than Good Design

Beauty is only skin deep. There’s so much more to a website than good design, if it’s difficult to navigate and doesn’t receive any traffic, eCommerce success still remains out of reach. That’s why it’s essential to think more deeply about eCommerce websites in how they perform. Behind every great eCommerce website, there has to be a strong SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign. Whether you plan to run your online marketing in house or would like to talk to our digital marketing experts, we build all of our eCommerce sites with a strong SEO-friendly foundation to give you the best possible chance of future web success.

Tailored Solutions for Discerning Clients…

Catalogue management, smart order fulfillment, easy-to-use admin panels, beautiful web design and SEO-friendliness are not the extent of our considerable powers. From clever integration with social media platforms to a front-end developed with the very best user experience in mind, our outstanding developers love getting eCommerce websites working your way.
Talk to us today to find out what you can do to start lowering bounce rates and boosting conversions with smart eCommerce development.

We are always ready to assist you, feel free to contact our development agency today on 1300 855 119 or send us an email directly at to get you started!

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