Web Services & Integration

Get your applications talking with website service and integration development. It’s time to make the web work your way. 12Three’s Melbourne web development agency have extensive systems integration expertise and know how to make your online business run smoothly, securely and cost-effectively.

How do we do it?

It’s all about getting your applications talking to each other– securely. Your payment gateway may not speak the same language as your accountancy software or your CRM, but we can get all of these APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) on the same wavelength, helping you to become slicker, smarter and more streamlined as a business. Whether you need to hook up your project management software to your payroll or want your order fulfillment system to work in harmony with your CRM, talk to our technical team about how we can integrate and streamline your system.

Let’s get Technical

We use XML, JSON or CSV as data formats along with SOAP, REST, AJAX and CURL to transport data anywhere, from anything. Our solution architects’ technical know-how renders the possibilities effectively endless, by enabling applications to talk cross-platform with transactional and secure communication via a web based medium. We’ve worked with a plethora of APIs: Telephone systems, CRMs, accounting, payroll, market places, payment gateways, warehousing, logistics, email platforms. You name it, we can integrate it.